Calatafimi Segesta Festival

The 50th Anniversary of the Calatafimi Segesta Festival “Dionisiache” is happening now through September 3. This breathtaking 3rd century B.C. amphitheater on top of Monte Bàrbaro is hosting everything from ancient Greek works like Antigone and new plays such as Shakespeare in Brexit to symphony concerts and jazz. Just add cushions and it’s showtime!

Our May 2016 Tour, Day 7: It’s Electrifying

Annually each May and June, L’Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico (INDA) presents ancient works of theater at Siracusa’s 5th-Century-BC Teatro Greco (pictured, photographed during last year’s performance of The Suppliants by Aeschylus). During the 2016 season, INDA will produce Electra of Sophocles, Phaedra by Seneca, and Alcestis of Euripides. On the evening of Day 7…

Pack Your Toga

In May 2016, during our Experience Sicily with Chef Melissa Muller tour, we’ll see a performance of an ancient Greek play at the 5th-century-BC Teatro Greco in Siracusa. This photo is from last summer’s performance of The Suppliants by Aeschylus. It was breathtaking!

Siracusa’s Roman Coliseum

Apparently, the Spanish weren’t into preservation of ruins. They did, however, recycle and reclaim, which is why not much is left of Siracusa’s ancient Roman Amphitheater (The Spanish took the stone to create buildings and walls elsewhere.). Just like in the world-famous Coliseum in Rome, this first-century BC arena hosted circuses, horse races, gladiator battles,…