Meet Annalisa of goSicily

Meet Annalisa of goSicily: Sicilian Cooking Experience,
Visiting from Sicily!

When: Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019 at 6PM

Cooks, foodies, and travelers will love this unique evening at Cacio e Vino restaurant in New York City! It’s a Meet & Greet with short cooking demonstration and appetizers, featuring Annalisa of goSicily: Sicilian Cooking Experience hosted by Experience Sicily.

We’ll talk Sicilian cuisine, we’ll talk visiting with Annalisa in her hometown, Favara, Sicily, and all of the cool, immersive experiences you can do with her, and we’ll talk travel to Sicily with Allison Scola, owner of Experience Sicily, a boutique tour operator.

Meet Annalisa of goSicily Cooking Experience visiting New York City from Sicily
Meet Annalisa of goSicily Cooking Experience and learn about cooking in Sicily and our upcoming September 2019 Stirring Sicily tour featuring her cooking class

The evening’s plan…

6:00 PM – Introductions; Arancine, caponata, and a tasting of Sicilian wine will be served, compliments of Experience Sicily. We’ll talk about cooking, recipes, and immersive travel experiences in Sicily and more!

6:45 PM – Annalisa will present a short cooking demonstration of a traditional Sicilian recipe, and offer a small portion tasting of the dish. She will also have products that she has created or brought with her from Sicily for sale, so bring some cash to support Annalisa’s travels in the U.S.

**After the demonstration and tasting, stay for the “Dutch Dinner”**
You are welcome to stay to order dishes from Cacio e Vino’s wonderful menu and pay for your own bill.

LIMITED to 16 guests.

Registration Required. Contact us to express your interest in attending: