Stunning Sicily October 2021, Day 4

Ciao from Stunning Sicily, Day 4! Siracusa has one of the largest and most extensive Christian catacombs outside of Rome, and we explored the dark, damp, and mysterious underground pathways of San Giovanni’s Catacombs and San Marciano’s Crypt with our local, expert guide Lucia. After a visit to the Orsi archeological museum to see the breathtaking statue of Venus, priceless, ancient coins, and the goddess of Megara Iblea (to name just a few highlights), we had lunch overlooking the sea. Before the sky opened up, we had some welcome Cannolo Terapia (Cannoli Therapy) at the pastry shop of Franco Neri. Siracusa glistens after rain storms–so we’re a bit wet, but we are inspired by the elegant beauty of this eternal city.

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