Flying To Italy In The Age Of Covid-19

Flying to Italy? Here is how you prepare to enter Italy according to current regulations: show your CDC vaccination card detailing that you had your second shot at least 14 days ago, show your high antibodies report from having had Covid-19, or show a negative Covid test result from within 48 hours before entry. Then, show up at the airport with your EU passenger locator form filled out within 24 hours before, and wear an N95, KN95, or surgical mask to board.

Then once in Italy, be prepared to show all again to enter museums, restaurants, theaters, indoor attractions, and at other events. Americans cannot get a Green Pass, but one of the three requirements to enter above will suffice. Then, be respectful and wear your mask when you are outside around a lot of people. Italy wants to host us. Help them by observing the regulations and stopping the spread.

Stay tuned to for the latest news for travel to Sicily and Italy.

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