Afternoon In Sicily

Nap time at the Archaeological Area of Eraclea Minoa (Agrigento Province)

This cat knows the routine. In Sicily, from about 1 o’clock to 4:30/5 o’clock in the afternoon, it’s lunchtime and then nap time. So, do your sightseeing from 9 in the morning, have lunch at 1 o’clock at a family-run trattoria, then head back to your hotel and do like Sicilians do: Take a “pisolino.”

After lunch is a time to escape the hot sun and rest at home after pasta with your loved ones. So, don’t be deceived by the empty streets and shuddered stores. By 5 o’clock they’ll be repopulated and reopened for the evening until 8:30 or 9 o’clock, when dinner gets underway followed by a starlit, cool-air passeggiata enjoyed well into the night.


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