52 Reasons to Love Sicily | #47. Storybook Mountain Towns

Throughout Sicily exist charming mountain-top villages like this one pictured, Licodia Eubea. Often sporting timeless architectural elements and supporting populations of less than 3000 people, such places take on a special ambience, one where it seems everybody knows your name. As you stroll down the main “corso,” you are bound to encounter different characters who play archetypal roles in a familiar play. That’s the joy of spending time in a non-touristy hilltop town — after just a few night’s stay, you’ll start to recognize the local personalities. And once the explanation of who you are spreads through the whispers of the bars, bakery, and newsstand (Give it one to two hours!), as long as you’re friendly, you’ll become part of the rhythm of each day. By your third morning, you’ll be taking an espresso shoulder to shoulder with your new friends at the bar.

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