52 Reasons to Love Sicily | #34. Rock A Kasbah

In the southwestern, multi-cultural Sicilian city of Mazara del Vallo, there is a kasbah — that is, a maze of narrow alleyways with high walls that one usually finds in North Africa (It was designed for safety — the locals know where to go, but invaders don’t!). It’s true, this fascinating town has an entire neighborhood in its historic center that feels like you are in Tunisia or Morocco!

So, even while in Sicily, you can get lost within such a labyrinth and find hidden family-run restaurants and happen upon families communicating through open windows and curtain-ed doorways. There’s also some pretty neat street art and ceramic tiles adorning the seeming fortification. Consider visiting Mazara del Vallo as “an adventure within an adventure.” And while you’re at it, you’ll discover some outstanding Arab-Norman architecture (like the Church of San Nicolò Regale, pictured), the breathtaking ancient “Dancing Satyr” bronze statue, and some of the most outstanding seafood (and couscous!) you’ll ever eat in your life.

You know you love getting lost and finding treasures! Well, Mazara del Vallo is where you can do just that.

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