For Your Comfort And Safety In Sicily, Vaccines Required

Thank you Cheryl Rosen of Travel Research Online for including me in this article, “A Shot in the Arm or a Shot through the Heart? Mandatory Vaccine Arguments Split the Industry.”

Yes, my decision may be controversial, but I am looking out for the best interest of my clients. I want that more new friendships like this one between Susan and Diane (pictured) can happen.

“One place vaccines will definitely be mandated is on the groups being arranged by Allison Scola at Experience Sicily in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. ‘I am planning to require vaccination documentation for my small group tours. I think it will be a benefit to my clients,’ she says. ‘These groups are 12 people and fewer, so I think my clients will appreciate this for the comfort and safety of all. It will enable everyone to relax and enjoy the camaraderie these groups share.'”

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