Sicilian Music And Magic

Musica Siciliana online concert Sunday/oggi 3PM (Eastern)/21:00 in Italia.

Zoom. Gratis.

Access at event at

I’ll be playing a tamburello (tambourine/frame drum) during today’s concert-lecture of traditional Sicilian folk music. Although my drum is from Palermo, it’s not as magical as the one I’m holding in this photo from summer 2019, when our group ate at Borgo Nocchiara, owned by good friends of Sicilian musician Alfio Antico.

This drum pictured is Alfio’s, and for me to hold it was a great privilege. Alfio, who grew up as a shepherd in the mountains of Catania province, is a master wood carver and drum maker as well as frame drummer. This drum vibrates with his energy! Alfio and is also a performing songwriter and recently released a new album, “Trema la terra” (check it out!). Alfio is otherworldly, and his music reflects that of an ancient soul. I feel so blessed to know him.

(Photo Credit: Fred Arcoleo)

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