Sicily Shopping Tip: Buy It When You See It

Each piece of ceramics from Sicily is a unique work of art. I always tell my clients, if you see something you like in a shop, buy it there and then. Don’t wait, because you probably won’t see it again anywhere else.

I love this typical plate that possesses a classic, baroque-style lemon and pomegranate design. Regretfully, I don’t know from which ceramic center this plate came (I think I photographed the plate in Cefalù… Looking at it, I regret that I didn’t buy it!). It could be Santo Stefano di Camastra, which is famous for its lemon designs. It could be from Caltagirone, based on the baroque-style leaves and curly ribbon details. Or, it could be from Sciacca, based on the details on the pedals and the more pastel-toned color choice. If you know, do tell!

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