Salemi, Sicily Joins The One Euro Home Campaign

Salemi, a town for which I have a strong affinity, joins the campaign to sell homes starting at 1€. Saint Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters (and homes, by association) is the town’s main protector. In my humble opinion, this is a fantastic opportunity for those of you who are interested in a real estate adventure!

This photo is of the side of town where many of the said properties exist. More at

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  1. Jodi De Lucca says:

    Oh that is a beautiful town!!! 😊❤️

    1. Allison Scola says:

      Jody, it is absolutely beautiful. This perspective doesn’t showcase it so well… but it does show the area where the properties that the are selling exist. There is a lot of “growth energy” here. I have a couple of strong contacts in Salemi because I love bringing my clients here. This is really a great opportunity for the 1€ opportunity. Its location is better than any of the other towns with this program, and it’s beautiful there.

      1. Michael Salemi says:

        My father and I visited Salemi in 2017. We were treated like royalty. I definitely want to go back. There’s some heritage here, though too far back to ascertain…but my surname is Salemi and the townsfolk we met were wonderful. The president of the local chamber of commerce arranged some personalized tours for us, and the whole experience was simply fabulous.

      2. Allison Scola says:

        All you say has also been my experience there. It’s a beautiful town with so much to offer visitors. You are fortunate to have (Let’s hope!) heritage from Salemi. As you say, it’s a special place.

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