The Street Exuded Joy In Sicily

Although today is the feast of Sant’Anna, I’m recalling last July when, along with our Experience Sicily Life in A Remote Sicilian Town tour group, we were communing with the locals of Licodia Eubea for the feast of Santa Margherita, their patron saint. The Strada Lunga was decorated with luminare, the bars and gelaterie were buzzing with cittadini socailzing, and the street exuded joy. Joy because people came from far and wide (Australia, Northern Italy, the United States, other parts of Europe) to join the festivities and celebrate Licodia Eubea’s extraordinary community. To be part of it was heartwarming. I can’t wait to go back.

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  1. What a beautiful scene of gathering happy humanity! I love the intricate colored light frames! Yes, looks very Sicilian. Thanks for sharing these photos from last year in Sicily, Allison. I think they give hope to people yearning to return. And for me to go there for the first time! Lovely <3

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