The Outstanding Leadership Of Sicily’s Roger II

More than ever, I’m seeking a dinner date with Roger II (1095-1154) … An outstanding leader, Roger II incorporated and encouraged inclusion of all of the various cultures, religions, and races that shared Sicily–native Sicilian, Norman, Arab, Byzantine, Greek, Jewish, English, German, and more–into his government. As a result, Sicily thrived, and it became the leader in trade and maritime power in the Mediterranean. In sum, Sicily was the center of East and West. And Palermo was the New York City, London, Dubai, and Singapore of its day.

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  1. Joseph Bean says:

    I understand your admiration of Roger ll. Remarkable man, with pure intentions and fostering a culture of inclusiveness. Bravo.

    1. Allison Scola says:

      History offers us so much for the present and future.

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