Magic In The Alley Of Sutera, Sicily

When I see this image from September 2014, I remember the tears I shed as I listened to Fratelli Mancuso performing “Bella Maria” in the alleyway of Sutera, Sicily for our small-group. I am a huge fan of Lorenzo and Enzo’s music–I feel their harmonies in every cell of my body. The fact that I organized a private concert with them, in Sutera, their hometown, still amazes me.

This image documents one of the most memorable moments of my life. Fast forward to today. I was so thrilled this morning when I heard from Lorenzo. A favor the brothers asked me to do for them six years ago, finally came to be. It’s a long story, but they wanted me to track down video that was recorded of them with their mother in Sutera more than 20 years ago by Putamayo record label for the Italian Odyssey documentary.

After many emails and hounding–and years of waiting–the video is now in Lorenzo and Enzo Mancuso’s hands. Thank you Dan Storper, president of Putamayo, for helping realize this wish. It means so much to me and more so to Lorenzo and Enzo.

If you don’t know Fratelli Mancuso, look them up. Start with their album Cantu. It’s a slice of Sicily for your ears and heart.