Beaches On Sicily’s South Coast

During Experience Sicily’s Life in A Remote Sicilian Town tour from July 16 to 25, we leave the mountains to enjoy the beaches of southern Sicily. Throughout the week, you’ll have an opportunity to swim, sunbathe, and walk along the shores of the island. The Mediterranean Sea is the body of water on the Sicily’s south coast, so depending on how you like “to beach,” there are different options. Some beaches offer more services (Boardwalks, beach-side bars and restaurants that rent lounge chairs and umbrellas, shops, and gelaterias (to meet your craving for granita and gelato). For this, we go to Punta Secca (featured in the Montalbano TV series), Marina di Ragusa, or Sampieri. For something more wild, we head to this track of golden sand pictured at the Castello di Falconara in Butera. Immerse yourself in Sicily!

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