Visiting Sicily’s Mount Etna Volcano

Mount Etna in eastern Sicily is Europe’s largest, most active volcano. There are many ways to visit this UNESCO site and wonder of the world. The most informative, safest, and sustainable way is with professional guides who are aware of current activity and conditions. An excursion on Etna is thrilling, and our Experience Sicily clients often recount it as the favorite day of their tours. Walking on extinct craters like the Silvestri Craters, pictured, may be the closest thing to walking on the moon you’ll ever do.

There is so much to explore: lava tubes, past eruptions’ historic flows, botanical elements, the typical products, cuisine, and wines that are cultivated because of the mineral-rich, volcanic soil. Donkey rides and horseback riding offer an alternative perspective.

Today, I was quoted in USA Today Travel about volcano tourism. Yes, it is sensational, but please behave in a respectful, responsible, and aware manner. Mother Nature is the boss, and after a day on Etna, her power will be wonderfully clear.

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Thank you writer David Oliver for including me.

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