Let’s Have A Ball On Sunday

Sunday in NYC: Let’s eat rice balls!!

Santa Lucia is the patron saint of grain, and as a result, arancine, or rice balls, are a significant element to celebrating the Feast of Santa Lucia. So much so, that in Palermo, her feast day is also the Sagra delle Arancine. Why rice balls (pictured)? To commemorate the wheat famine of the 17th century and that prayers to Santa Lucia attributed to its relief. So, in the days leading up to the feast, no pasta is consumed, but rice balls are! Do you need another reason to eat these glorious spheres of crunchy and cheesy and salty that you eat like an apple? I think not!


Let’s celebrate Saint Lucy and arancine together! Join me on Sunday, Dec. 8 at 2PM at Cacio e Vino restaurant in NYC for La Festa di Santa Lucia.

Registration, menu, program, and more at https://experiencesicily.com/events/festa-di-santa-lucia/

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