Erice, Sicily Will Ignite Your Spirit

A view of Trapani, Sicily and the Egadi Islands from Erice. Erice is perched on the top of Mount Erice. It seems close, but it is remote at about 2400 feet above sea level. Approached by two roads of switchbacks or a funicular, it was developed by the Phoenicians in the 7th century BCE, yet the Greeks made it a sacred center of love around the 6th Century BCE. For centuries there was a temple to Aphrodite and then under the Romans, Venus here.

Erice’s views and charming alleyways will get you in touch with your divine spirit and ignite a spark of love in you! In 2020, you can stand here in June during our Myths and Mysteries of Sicily: As Above/So Below tour or during our Yoga in Sicily with Clio Mallin tour.

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