Wearing Sicily

For a unique gift for the Sicilofile in your life, stop here! Gelsomino Imports carries handmade paper jewelry inspired by Sicilian art, landscape, and lights produced by The Foxies. This bracelet is made from the 1154 planisphere of the Mediterranean (specifically Sicily) drawn up by thinker and geographer Muhammad Al-Idrisi (1099–1165). Known as the Tabula Rogeriana, it is named for my favorite king (and Al-Idrisi’s boss), Roger II, King of Sicily, who sadly died before the map’s completion. Meanwhile, the planisphere was a remarkable document from its day, and The Foxies were inspired by it as well as other such works of art to make some pretty cool jewelry. Visit https://www.gelsominoimports.com/foxies for your wearable art from Sicily.

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