Become A Cannoli Connoisseur

Too often I’ve had people tell me that they don’t like cannoli. But to me, that’s like saying you don’t like red wine. Because like red wine, each cannolo (in Italian, the singular of cannoli) has a distinct flavor, texture, and ultimately, culinary experience that is dependent on how it’s made, the ingredients used, and from where those ingredients came.

There is so much to this classic, Sicilian pastry!

When you come with me on the Cannoli Crawl, or on an Experience Sicily tour with me in Sicily, you learn about these nuances, and by the end, you become a Cannoli Connoisseur. Once you achieve this distinction, you will never again let your friends eat a bad cannolo. Next Cannoli Crawl is November 10 in New York City. Join me!

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