Sicily Beyond the Guidebook

Along with Pierfilippo Spoto of Val di Kam excursions, I was interviewed last month in Sicily by “” news about relational tourism and why we, Experience Sicily, bring our clients to the Sicanian mountains of south-central Sicily… And why we program more time in Agrigento Province than most tour operators.

The answer is simple: If you want an authentic experience in Sicily, then meeting the people who make their lives in mountain villages beyond the beaten path and having a “slow opportunity” to soak up the energy of life in the hidden corners (if even for one day), is possible in this untouched part of the island. This is where you feel an authentic Sicily. This is what reaches your heart! Going beyond the guidebook is why we established Experience Sicily, and is what we aim to offer to you, our clients – – a transformational, personal experience.

Here’s a link to watch the interview:

… But don’t just watch. Come. Be a part of it. Join me in 2019. Next year at this time, will be so happy you did.

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