When Making Cannoli

Look at these beauties I came upon this evening in Acitrezza, Sicily at Eden Bar! “Holy cannoli” is right!

As I get ready for our Experience Sicily hands-on cooking and wine tour, Stirring Sicily, (presented along with Zest Lititz, Penn. and Chef Antonino Elia) that starts tomorrow, a word of advice for when you make cannoli: Please do not use maraschino cherries. Please. Candied cherries only.

See how delectable these are? This is a beautiful way to decorate your cannoli. Candied cherries are available in the cake baking isle (definitely during the holiday season for Christmas cookies. Please stock up then.)

Oh, maybe two words: use real pistachio nuts, please. And fresh ones. No green sprinkles or other artificial junk! Dip the ends like these. Gorgeous. Okay, class dismissed for today.

Now, follow along to see what else you can learn during our amazing week ahead (and then come with us in September 2019. ). More details about that coming very soon!

… And then there are the upcoming New York Cannoli Crawl dates in New York City! See http://experiencesicily.com/events/new-york-cannoli-crawl for booking details.

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