Dance Under The Stars

Make a wish and dance under the stars! August 10th is the Feast of San Lorenzo–or as Italians know it, “the night of the shooting stars,” when the Perseids, a meteor shower, has its most vibrant activity. If the sky is clear, look for a shooting star and make a wish. Then dance the evening away with your friends, like this beautiful satyr, which can be viewed in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily.

He is a bronze statue that is thought to be from between the sixth and second century BC. Found by fishermen (at least the foot until archaeologists uncovered the rest) deep below the sea between Africa and the island of Pantelleria, it was excavated over two years from 1997-1998. Scholars believe it to be a dancing Bacchante in ecstasy.

My wish is to return to Sicily soon to see this beautiful sculpture in person again! Oh, wait, I was supposed to keep my wish a secret!

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