Ischia’s Castle of Aragon: A Fortified Village

We registered a lot of steps and flights yesterday when we visited the striking Aragon Castle of Ischia! Really a fortified village on an island, the castle was built over centuries and has been occupied by civilizations since before Greek times. At the end of the 16th century, nearly 2000 people lived within its walls. On the island that is connected to the mainland by a bridge built in mid-15th century by Alfonso of Aragon (a crowned prince, who briefly was King of Naples in 1494), there are gardens, orchards, churches, lookout towers, a palmento (antique wine making facility), homes, a prison, convent, cemetery, and more. Thankfully today, there is an elevator to access the labyrinth of alleyways.

This photo was taken from the water during a hald-day, refreshing boat excursion around the island.

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