Me And The Guys In The Piazza

When I started learning Italian in 1996 while backpacking solo through Europe, it was a dream of mine to be able to talk to the locals and (attempt) to understand their cultures. I wanted to hear what someone from another country thought and felt. Since gaining a command of Italian, it’s been a great joy to be able to travel throughout Sicily and not only connect deeply with my cousins, but also with those not related to me, like these gentlemen in the village of Sant’Angelo Muxaro, north of Agrigento (Thanks Val di kam!).

I could have spent all afternoon hearing about the town mayoral elections and their travels to New York City. These moments and the perspectives I gain from them are priceless souvenirs I carry home with me, and through Experience Sicily, I hope to enable you to have too.

(Photo Credit: Teri Emory)

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  1. While in Sicily, I always wish I could talk with them getting together in Piazza!

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