Southern Secret #5: Create Your Own Ritual

WRITTEN by GUEST BLOGGER, Danielle Oteri of Feast on History | Create your own ritual when you walk through these columns on our second day of Southern Secrets: Campania and Sicily’s Hidden Corners (June 29 – July 8, 2018). Built for what was then the Greek city of Poseidonia, this site became known as Paestum when the temples were used by the Romans. The temple complex was abandoned during the Middle Ages when the local population fled to the surrounding hills. Today, the archaeological park and museum at Paestum are one of Italy’s most important historical sites, yet, not too many people make it this far south. But you will!

Go off the beaten path this summer with Allison of Experience Sicily and Danielle of Feast on History at

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  1. kcatalan says:

    I received multiple copies of this email. Please check into why this happened. I enjoy the note and pictures of Sicily and would not like to register this address as spam. Ken Catalanotte

    1. Hello Ken,
      I apologize for a technical issue that caused WordPress into a loop of continually publishing last night’s post. It is never my intention to send multiple copies of Experience Sicily. As soon as I realized the technical problem, I worked to stop it. I hope to resolve this for the next post so this won’t happen again.

      I sincerely apologize for so many emails. I appreciate your patience during this extraordinary time.


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