It Takes A Village

Thank you to everyone who came to meet us at the Experience Sicily booth and hear us during our concerts at this weekend’s New York Times Travel Show … from the stateside team: Madeleine, Giulia, and me, Allison (pictured)! (We missed our Sicily side team led by Evelina!)

I especially want to thank my father Peter for helping me haul all the materials to the show and picking us up this evening at its completion. Thank you to my mom, Claire, for words of encouragement, Cristiana for the beautiful brochure design, and Robert for his proofreading. Also, thanks to Joe and Wilson for contributing their musical artistry, and thanks to Anne for hosting me in her apartment for the weekend! It was so heartwarming to connect with former clients, old friends, and now, new friends! Thank you! Mille grazie!

It takes a village!

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