Archeological Mysteries Brought to Life

In 1996, I backpacked throughout Europe by myself for two months, on a budget of just $50 a day. It was an exhilarating, remarkable journey: My Grand Tour. Being on a tight budget (so I could keep traveling until my last penny ran out!), I rarely had the luxury of a guide explaining to me what I was looking at. I depended on Lonely Planet and Let’s Go travel books to fill me in. Now, after having worked with local guides like Marco at sites like Valley of the Temples, pictured, my travel experience has been heightened and my intellect stimulated even more.

On Day 6 of Myths & Mysteries of Sicily, our May 2018 small-group, boutique tour, the archaeological mysteries of the ancient city of Akragas (the Greek name for Agrigento) will be revealed in a profound way by our English-speaking, expert guide. Reserve your spot on any of our 2018 tours by Nov. 1, and you could save up to $400/person. Learn more at

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