Appreciate The Bounty

My fellow travelers from February’s You, Me, and Sicily Carnevale trip in February will appreciate this. Three days ago, I found another piece of confetti (one piece, left, in August … The lot on the street in Acireale, right, in February) … I don’t even know where it came from! Thinking about the cycles of the year, Carnevale was on February 28, and it celebrates the end of the dark days of winter and the start of the growing season. And now, today, we are enjoying the bounty of sun and the summer.

For months I’ve been finding pieces of confetti in my bags, my sweaters, my suitcase… And please know, I moved apartments in April, so this has been following me throughout the seasons! I think it is meant to remind me to take stock–remember the hopes and dreams for the spring and summer and now, appreciate the bounty of the Earth and the seasons.

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