Cooking Couscous in Sicily

On the second day of our just finished “Secret Sicily” tour, we got our hands dirty while making Trapani-style pesto and fresh busiate pasta (an upcoming post) and this, pictured: Couscous from raw grain! Yes, we practiced the message-style, meditative hand technique that is required to create the proper couscous texture, and we made the brodo, or fish-based broth, that is the other key ingredient of this typical dish of the Western Sicilian kitchen. Once finished, of course, we ate the fruits of our labor! 

Our hosts, the CookSicily team, are currently preparing for the 9th Annual Stagusto street food festival that will take place in Trapani from 26-30 July, a fantastic time to visit Sicily’s northwestern corner.

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  1. Haven’t tried couscous in Sicily, but it looks delicious. When I was there I watched how the home made pasta is made. I can’t remember its name but it looked like small shells. The woman, who was making it, moved her hands so fast that I barely could follow her movements. It was very interesting to watch.

    1. Couscous in Sicily is different than we are used to in the States, since ours is middle eastern influenced. The pasta you saw being made was cavatelli. It’s easy to make at home, and yes, the women who have made it since childhood, form the macaroni so fast!!

  2. Next time to make a visit, I will ask you about cooking classes in Sicily!!

    1. Happy to share!

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