Flowing With The Go

Castellammare del Golfo is our host for our first stop on the “Allison’s Secret Sicily” tour…. Not an official tour! Just 5 of us traveling together and going with the flow and following our whims for discovering corners of Sicily new to me and visiting some of my top favorites. After a very intense few months, I retreat here to get some rest and inspiration for what’s next. We’ve swam at the tonnara in Scopello, learned to make couscous and fresh busiate pasta in Trapani, and learned about salt production on the coast at Nubia. While being exhausted, I’m also energized. 

I’m posting when I have a moment and internet service (that’s the flowing with the go part! Internet, when off the beaten path, isn’t so reliable). 

Follow us for this journey of discovery!

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  1. Claire walsh says:

    So glad you have an opportunity to crash in such a beautiful place, but hen, there are so many opportunities for beauty and serenity in Sicily.

  2. Mary DeRocco says:

    Love the photo and reading about your adventures in the northwest corner of la Sicilia.

    1. Thank you Mary!

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