Celebrating Being Pizzo Free 

In 2004 in Palermo, a group of young men founded Comitato Addiopizzo, a nonpartisan, voluntary movement of merchants and consumers who en masse refuse to pay the “pizzo,” or protection money, to the Mafia. Following the philosophy that “A people that pays the pizzo is a people without dignity,” the cultural movement has swept the city and beyond. 

Young people, and now older too, refuse to patronize restaurants, bars, and other merchants who don’t display a sign that says “Addiopizzo.” Palermitani realize that banding together is powerful, and as a result, things have changed dramatically. This store pictured sells “pizzo-free” products. 

This weekend in Palermo they held the 12th additon of Festa Addiopizzo–a festival celebrating the merchants, artists, professionals, and consumers who support a world free of the pizzo.

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  1. Wow!!! Just wow! I had never heard of this movement. Hurray for these brave young men for what they started – 13 years ago! Sounds like it’s going strong. It reminded me of the Resistance we have going on in our country now. It really can work when a small group get together and say “no more.” Bravo! Bravissimo!!!

    1. Yes, exactly. It came from the people. And with their wallets. We must do the same!

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