Join Us Sunday for Some Live Music

It’s been a busy, busy week–even though I’m in New York, I’m spreading Sicily-love throughout the land. Monday, I was in Bristol, Conn., talking to students of Italian language about Sicilian food, feasts, and festivals. Tuesday night, in cooperation with my friends of You, Me & Sicily, I spoke at the Italian American Museum of New York City about the exciting things happening in Palermo. Additionally, my husband Joe Ravo and I, as Villa Palagonia, performed a short set of Sicilian folk songs (pictured). Then tonight, we attended the Welcome & Reception of the Italian Sonorities and Acoustic Communities, Listening to the Soundscapes of Italianità conference hosted by the Calandra Italian American Institute. Of course, we had to dance and play music to ring in the weekend (pictured)! This Saturday, Joe and I will be presenting a concert/lecture as part of the conference, talking about how our original compositions have been influenced by traditional and contemporary Sicilian and southern Italian folk music. Wait, I’m not done yet! 

On Sun., April 30, at 7PM, we’ll be performing along with our friends Sharon Goldman and Bev Grant, presenting A World of Women’s Voices, our collaborative concert that features women’s voices across cultures and centuries–that of course includes voices of Sicilian and Italian immigrants. Please join us at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 at 185 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side of New York City for this heartwarming concert! More information is available at I think I might take Monday off… well, part of it anyway. 

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