Passing It On to the Next Generation

Today in Connecticut, USA, I presented a lecture and tasting of the foods of Sicily, and talked about the feasts associated with the foods. Pictured is the cuccìa we prepared for the event. After they stuffed and ate their own cannoli, among other foods, 75 Italian language students joined me and my dance partner, Pete, for a bit of tarantella dancing too! 

Thank you to Gina Gallo of the Connecticut Italian Teachers Association for inviting Experience Sicily! We loved sharing Sicilian culture with your students!

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  1. Your Sicilian life is expanding! This is really great, Allison. And what fun, like delicious fun! <3

    1. The students were fantastic and had a great time! It feels so good to spread the love!

  2. Claire walsh says:

    I’m sure you gave everyone a great time yesterday!

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