Today, Remember the Triangle

Today, please remember the Triangle Fire of 25 March 1911. 146 immigrant workers, many of whom were Sicilian (and Italian and Jewish), perished in a garment factory fire in New York City. We have them to thank for positive changes to our labor laws, regulations for workplace safety, and fairer workers’ rights. Take a moment today to thank them. 

Last evening, I chalked the sidewalk in honor of Michelina Nicolosi in the East Village, where she lived. She perished in the fire. At an event at NYU, also last evening, we learned how we can donate to create the memorial for the site of the disaster, so future generations recall the workers’ sacrifices. And lower right, artist Lulu Lolo performed her moving tribute, Soliloquy For A Seamstress, recounting the moments of the tragedy.

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  1. Claire walsh says:

    So wonderful that you keep these tragic victims in our memory so we may remember the rights of workers today who continue to be exploited.

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