The Legend of Sant’Agata or Saint Agnes, Part 1

Sant’Agata was a virgin martyr who died in 251 AD. Legend is that she was the beautiful daughter of a wealthy family from Catania (as depicted in the emblem, pictured, worn by followers during her feast). A faithful Christian, Agatha (or Agnes) swore herself to God. Important to know, during her lifetime, Christianity was illegal under Roman rule. So, when she refused the advances of Quintianus, a Roman prefect, he arrested her on account of her Christian faith and condemned her to a brothel as punishment. 

(Continued tomorrow…)

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    1. Allison Scola says:

      Yes, there is another Saint Agnes of Rome… but it is possible to translate Agata to Agatha and Agnes when speaking about Sant’Agata of Catania. So you are correct. And so am I. Thank you Patrick for your comment!

  1. Patrick Pregiato says:

    Saint Agnes (Sant’Agnese) and Sant’Agata are two different saints !

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