Let’s Talk Travel and My Dreamy Tote Bag

One of my new prized possessions is this hand-crafted tote bag made by Signora Galfano of Ceramiche Galfano in Castelvetrano. For more than a year I’d been looking for a “practical” bag in which to carry my camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, itinerary book, and water bottle during our tours–after practical, the main requirement was that it had to illustrate “Sicily!”

Well, last September, this dream, designed with the accouterments of the horses and donkeys that pull Sicilian carts, was hanging by the shop door at Ceramiche Galfano. As soon as I saw it, I ran to it like a long-lost lover. “Non l’ho finito,” Signora Galfano said as I pulled it from its hook. (It’s not finished.)
… *sigh* …

But I had to have it! But I was leaving town the next day, early.

… *double sigh* …

Then, brilliant friend, Sebastiano Chiofalo, to the rescue! He knew I was returning the next week, and we arranged with Signora Galfano to finish this piece of art and have it ready for my next visit. And, “Ecco!” we are a match made in heaven.

*Cheers! Applause!*

Long story, short: Come look for me today, Sat., Jan. 28 between noon and 3:30 PM when I’ll be at the New York Times Travel Show at the Javits Center in NYC. I’ll be visiting with colleagues and soaking up all of the travel excitement. Look for me with my dreamy bag and we can talk Sicily and Italy and about the joy of travel!

Ci vediamo! (See you there!)

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  1. jrsoistman says:

    Beautiful bag. Have fun at the travel expo today. J

  2. Joe Cuticone says:

    It absolutely becomes you, …complimenti!

  3. So pretty! I wish I could have one!!

    1. I was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time!

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