Cooking in Sicily 

After a long day working at the computer, I love entering my kitchen, opening the refrigerator, and pulling out what protein I have and what vegetables are in season, and picking out a pasta to match them. There’s something wonderfully meditative about chopping vegetables, sweeping my wooden spoon through the macaroni, and listening to the chorus of the sizzling onions and earthy olive oil on the stove top. The creativity of pulling together a dinner from scratch and the thoughts about how I’m feeding my husband Joe with ingredients that keep him fit and healthful makes me very happy. What also makes me happy is knowing that our clients who came with me to Sicily (like those pictured from our Stirring Sicily trip last September) are using the concepts they learned during their hands-on cooking experiences in Sicily in their home kitchens in the U.S. Applying the ideas from Sicily’s cucina povera is easy to do in your home. Now, imagine taking a week away from your normal routine to learn about Sicilian cooking and cuisine… 

Forget the frensy and join us, Experience Sicily and Zest! of Pennsylvania,  in September for cooking and community during Stirring Sicily 2017

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