Buried Treasure? We’ll find out. 

This fall, the exciting news from Sicily for geeks like me is that archaeologists believe they have finally found the location of the amphitheater at Agrigento. For centuries, scholars have searched for its location, knowing that a city of the size and magnificence of Akragas, as the metropolis was called during ancient times, must have had an amphitheater. However, its location–still just theoretical–has alluded archaeologists such as Thomas Fazello, who sought it in the 15th century, and Pirro Marconi who unsuccessfully dug for it in the early 20th century. Today, a group of researchers from Polytechnic of Bari and University of Catania think they have enough evidence, concluding that the remains of the Hellenistic-Roman theater are near the Church of St. Nicholas (pictured). With great anticipation, this past Monday, excavations began to unearth what Valley of the Temples Director Giuseppe Parello and others hope is the realization of their dreams. 

I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Claire walsh says:

    Once again we see the mysteries of the past unfold in Sicily. It continues to be so culturally rich in antiquities. Will anticipate my return to Arigento and seeing the new discoveries there.

  2. Julia says:

    Very interesting. I love this kind of stuff. Keep me posted.

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