Barefoot in Palermo for La Santuzza 

On September 4, 1166, Rosalia, a young woman who had sworn her life in service to Christ, died. The example she set and her protection of Sicily’s capital city is celebrated annually in Palermo with a solemn procession up Mount Pellegrino to her sanctuary. It’s a long, steep climb done by many barefoot to illustrate their faith and devotion. Here she is (pictured in the charm) on a bracelet that I purchased at her sanctuary in May. 

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  1. Like the bracelet you bought and sent to me! I love wearing that bracelet and so many people comment on how lovely it is. And there’s sweet Rosalia on my wrist. Thank you for all the beauty you bring to me on your blog and especially in this delicate piece of jewelry, Allison. <3

    1. You’re welcome Dana!

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