The Most Awesome Day: Taranta Sicily Fest

If I could dream up the most awesome day, this would be it: August 20 in Scicli, the The Taranta Sicily Fest: A Tarantella music and dance festival in Sicily!!!! And the headliner is one of my favorite Italian artists and the leader of the Taranta Power movement: Eugenio Bennato. I mean, seriously. My two passions mixed together–Sicily and tarantella music and dance!! Why am I in New York!? 

This ceramic plate that I photographed at Le Stanze al Genio, the majolica ceramics museum in Palermo, gives an example of one of the musicians that will be at the festival (a tamburello (tambourine) player) on Saturday. 

I am crying. Maybe for next year’s Fest I can plan a tour and you can come with me and we can dance the day away together: Who’s in?! 

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