Sicily’s Modest Venus

Found in the Acradina quarter of Siracusa in 1804, the Venus Landolina is named for the archeologist, Saverio Landolina (1743-1814), who discovered the statue. Made from Greek marble in the 2nd century AD, the Roman era work is a copy of a Greek era work from the 2nd century BC. Because it is an unclothed woman, covering herself, art historians call this a Venus pudica or modest Venus. During our Savoring Sicily tour, from Sept. 22-Oct 4, 2016, we’ll be seeing this beautiful statue upclose in the Museo Orsi in Siracusa. 

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  1. So they loaned her an arm so she could be modest – sweet! The drape is actually quite nicely done.

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    1. Well, she had two arms… One is still in tact and the other that was covering her breast wasn’t recovered. They should’ve lent her an arm!

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