Sicily’s Modest Venus

Found in the Acradina quarter of Siracusa in 1804, the Venus Landolina is named for the archeologist, Saverio Landolina (1743-1814), who discovered the statue. Made from Greek marble in the 2nd century AD, the Roman era work is a copy of a Greek era work from the 2nd century BC. Because it is an unclothed woman, covering herself, art historians call this a Venus pudica or modest Venus. During our Savoring Sicily tour, from Sept. 22-Oct 4, 2016, we’ll be seeing this beautiful statue upclose in the Museo Orsi in Siracusa. 

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  1. So they loaned her an arm so she could be modest – sweet! The drape is actually quite nicely done.

    1. Well, she had two arms… One is still in tact and the other that was covering her breast wasn’t recovered. They should’ve lent her an arm!

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