Your Most Complimentary Color 

If you’ve been reading Experience Sicily regularly, you know that I love to immerse myself in the profound culture, ancient history and art, esoteric sacred rituals, and modern complexities of Sicily. But when it comes to serving our clients, along with my cousins in Bagheria and Palermo, we make it our business to research inns (like this family-run one in pictured) and boutique hotels, characteristic restaurants, and extraordinary local excursion hosts in order to give you a remarkable experience in Sicily.

Yes, there are many larger travel companies that will take you on their tours or throw together an itinerary for you. I’m not interested in what they can do. Experience Sicily is that charming boutique on the corner of your quaint Main Street. The shop that, when you walk in, we offer you a refreshing drink and then after talking with you for a minute or two, we know exactly the right shirt to suggest for you in your most complimentary color.

Join us to savor Sicily this September 22-October 4.


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  1. Nice writing – good job! That’s the kind of experience most people want – to be noticed!

    I love that photo. Wow!

    1. Thank you Dana! We really care for our clients’ experience, following them each step of the way when they are traveling on their own or when then are with us on an escorted tour. It’s important to us that they have a fantastic experience touring the region!

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