The Papireto and the Kremonia


In ancient times, Palermo’s harbor extended south into the city, and two rivers fed it: The Papireto in the north and the Kemonia in the south. This map, which is from an informational sign in Palermo near the Cathedral, shows the Roman-era layout of the city–a layout that is somewhat still in existence. The center avenue (here from the left, or south, to the right, or north)–today’s Via Vittorio Emanuele–cuts right through what was once a peninsula. The ancient harbor, now the leisure marina, La Cala, extended further south. The rivers have all but dried up. What’s left of them has been relegated to below ground in order to support the expansion of the modern city. The red marker identifies where the Cathedral is located. I find this fascinating. (Yes, I am a history geek!)

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