Remember Falcone


Today, I’m doing a lot of business related running around in Palermo and otherwise. But in the midst of it all, I’m taking this moment (while meeting folks at the airport) to stop everything and recall the upcoming May 23 anniversary of the murder of heroic anti-mafia judge Giovanni Falcone (May 18, 1939 – May 23, 1992) and his associates. Sicily has changed so much–for the better–because of the work he and fellow judge Paolo Borsellino (Jan. 19, 1940 – July 19, 1992) accomplished. Come to Sicily, and you’ll see for yourself what community in action can do.

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  1. Judge Falcone’s work allowed a lot more international business to come into Sicily. I know about him. That’s good you are honoring his memory and his work.

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