Latte macchiato e Cornetto


A fantastic day in Sicily starts with this. 

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  1. I’ll take my cornetto with pistachio cream, thank you! Wouldn’t mind having one of those yummy looking latte macchiatos either! Allison, I hope you are having a fabulous time!!! ❤

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    1. This one was with orange marmalade… they were out of pistachio by the time I got there. Still, I love orange marmalade too. Thinking of you Dana!


  2. Claire walsh says:

    Looks good! I’ll take the pistachio too, along with the view of the sea!

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  3. John Keahey says:

    My breakfast, every day for three months. And, yes, pistachio cream was always my first choice.

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    1. I sure hope so! It’s the best!


  4. Allison, I think you need to add Food Porn as one of your tags! Seriously. You have the best photos of delicious looking food I’ve seen anywhere!


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