Sending you Light for Mother’s Day


Madonna del Lume, Chiesa Madre in Porticello (Madonna of the Light, Mother Church, Porticello).

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. tpetriano says:

    Lovely painting!

    1. The painting is from the ceiling of the church in the town where my grandfather grew up (although, I don’t think it existed when he was a young man). The local fisherman venerate this Madonna fanatically.

  2. That is a really lovely Madonna. I wonder if the fishermen believed this Madonna brought them good fortune and fish. <3

    1. They (present tense) believe she protects them and brings them fish! She lights their way back to safe harbor. If it falls right, I bring my group to her feast celebration in October. It is emotional and spellbinding! You will believe too when you are in the presence of the devotees.

  3. That sounds divine! I hope I can make it to that October celebration….sometime soon!

    1. Me too! Prayers and healing vibes coming your way!

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