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The T stands for tabacchi, or the tobacconist. Pronounced “Tah-BAck-y.” You’ll see the “T” often, and that’s a good thing, because the tobacconist not only sells tobacco products, but he also sells stamps (francobolli)! Yes, that’s probably what you, as a visitor, will be most interested in–for your postcards to all of your family and friends at home who want to know about your trip in Sicily. No need to go looking for a post office. You’re friendly tobacconist usually will have the postage you need.

Not only does the Tabacchi sell tobacco and stamps, but he often is where you can purchase bus tickets, lottery tickets, and phone cards. For those of us with Italian SIM cards (for our cell phones), you can “ricaricare,” or refill/charge up your phone minutes or data plan through a nifty machine they have in the store as well. For the locals, the tabacchi is where everyone stops at some point during the day for something… so if you want to know what the latest gossip is, you can ask at the tabacchi.

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  1. Interesting because in Buenos Aires there are little stores like this in every neighborhood of the city where you can buy a huge variety of little things! They help form a sense of community because the man behind the counter gets to know you over just a few days. 🙂 Oh, they smell smokes there, too!

    1. Yes, these stores are do important to neighborhoods. We’re losing ours in NYC… The rent’s too high!

  2. That’s too bad. There are still some neighborhoods, usually where a lot of Chicanos and blacks live, where there are little bodegas, some even some uptown areas, too. In Denver, of course, there is S. Pearl and S. Gaylord Streets where there are tony little stores and restaurants. I love to wander in those little shopping areas. Now, in addition to the stores there are of course small marijuana stores every-where!

    1. It’s the character of mom & pop that attracts me! Glad to hear that Denver hasn’t lost it all! It’s time for us to move-on from where we are. We’ve been out-classed!

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