Villa Palagonia Inspires Rhythms & Roots


Villa Palagonia is a Baroque villa located in Bagheria, a town in Sicily, Italy near Palermo. The villa was built to be the country home of the fifth Prince of Palagonia, a baron under the realm of the King of Spain. In 1749, Ferdinando Gravina, the seventh Prince of Palagonia, commissioned over 600 statues of monsters, fantastic characters, imaginary animals, knights, ladies, peasants, and musicians to be created to decorate the outer walls and grounds of the estate. Goethe visited Villa Palagonia in 1787 and noted that it was remarkably unique, commenting that the statues were a menagerie of egos. Photographed in the background is the villa’s main entrance and its sweeping staircase.

Photographed by Experience Sicily’s Filippo Buttitta, in the foreground are musicians Allison Scola (That’s me, the Owner and Curator of Experience Sicily) and Joe Ravo, who founded the music ensemble Villa Palagonia. On Sunday, March 13 at 6PM, in Brooklyn, NY, USA, we are hosting a party to celebrate the release of our debut album Rhythms & Roots.

Please join us! For more information about the show and to purchase the record, please visit

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