Our May Tour, Day 2: Capture the Wind


Along Sicily’s west coast from Trapani in the north through Marsala in the south, harvesting salt has been a leading industry since Phonetician times (that is, from around the 8th century BC). Windmills, like the one pictured, although no longer used to grind the harvested salt, still dot the picturesque coastline. During the afternoon of Day 2 of our May 2016 tour, we’ll visit the salt flats of Marsala and learn about the age-old process of collecting salt from the sea.

Get up close and personal with these breathtaking monuments! Join us for our gastronomic and culturally rich adventure co-hosted by me and Eolo Seasonal Sicilian Kitchen’s chef Melissa Muller. Contact us today at AllisonScola@ExperienceSicily.com for more information and to have all of your questions answered.

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